An Update on Richard

Many of you know that Richard Burke, a long time member and past president of the Oldman River Chapter, was in a very serious car accident in October. Richard suffered a broken back (two places), femur, and ribs, as well as other injuries, when a semi-truck slid into his vehicle on a winding Oregon backroad.

After spending an uncertain week in an Oregon ICU, Richard was transferred to the hospital in Lethbridge, and is now about to enter into rehab. Against all odds, Richard is already back to work with the Chapter - and even making casting motions from his hospital bed.

Richard has been an integral part of the Chapter for decades, and it is clear that our group would not be the same, if it existed at all, without his efforts.

We are thankful he is around to contribute for another few decades, wish him a quick recovery, and look forward to seeing him back out on the river.