Meeting Minutes - June 12, 2018

In Attendance: Josh Markle, Richard Burke, Andrew Beaton, Paul Harps, Andreas Luek, Murray Dueck, Peter deGorter, Morgan Schaufele


  • Hidden Creek and temperature loggers

    • Tentative plans for a work day during the first or second week of July

      • Tuesday - Thursday works best for Murray

      • Initial thinking is to embed 5 loggers in Hidden Creek (13 elsewhere)

      • Work with spots identified in AEP spreadsheet (from Elliot Lindsay)

      • Question: What do we want to know (from the loggers) as a Chapter?

      • Suggestion from Harps: use the loggers to identify upwellings in the creek

        • Summer temps need to be between 10-12 degrees in order for Bull Trout to survive; are any of the small creeks cool enough for Bull Trout to “oversummer?”

        • Perhaps as a summer project, the Chapter could book an evening at Theoretically to look at maps and choose spots that are likely to have upwellings (based on geology/geography); then place loggers in these spots to confirm

  • For now, loggers should go into Hidden, Chipman, Pincher…

    • Maybe email Pincher Creek Watershed members and ask for volunteers to place loggers out there?

  • Tentative Decision: Wait for firm dates from Elliot and then put loggers in Hidden Creek sometime during first week of July (Tue-Thurs)

    • Need to contact Elliot

    • Combine with Hidden Creek Appreciation Ride

  • Other Ideas:

    • TU dog poop bags for areas around leases

    • TU hats

    • July: renew your membership, hats, shirts, raffle, rain barrels, etc.? Maybe at Helen Schuler?

      • TU Red Deer is making rain barrels as a fundraiser -- Dueck suggested we look into this

  • Have an assessment done on the Crow? Leases?

  • What is our plan for the Crow?

  • Comparison to work done at Big Spring Creek.

  • Habitat assessment for the leases? Hire Paul? Or perhaps he trains some of the other Chapter members to go and assess? Maybe a two-day training camp?

Upcoming Dates:

  • June 22nd -- Electrofishing with Elliot

  • End of August -- Hidden Creek Work Day (TUC will choose a day)

  • September -- Girardi (TUC will choose a day)

  • September 22nd -- John Derksen (?) counting redds, etc.

  • January 28th-30th -- “Great Plains Fishery” conference at U of L -- maybe TU could have a presence?